Dr. Ramie Vetter, Psy.D., LP

45 Vetter, Ramie_005About Me

I have been married for 19 years and have three sons.  I have been a Fairmont native for eleven years.  Some of my hobbies include working with Scouts, camping, hiking, building computers, and pheasant hunting.


Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy at North American Baptist Seminary, Sioux Falls, SD
Master of Arts in Psychology at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, Springfield, MO
Doctorate of Professional Psychology, Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, Springfield, MO

Work Experience

I do work with all ages and races. Although 95% of my work is with individuals, I am passionate about working with couples and families. I tend to follow the work of Dr. John Gottman, who has the only research-based approaches when working with couples. My doctorate is in clinical psychology where much of my work is working with individuals for all sorts of adjustments to life, depression, anxiety, adoption issues, domestic violence, addiction issues and grief. I also provide psychological assessments that include personality, IQ, domestic violence, and achievement. I run the Men’s Domestic Violence Program based on the Duluth Model.  I also provide EAP support for local businesses and I also provided EAP support for 3M in Fairmont for 5 years.

My Vision

When creating Eunoia I wanted a company that could adapt to the needs of the communities in which we work and provide services that are meaningful to our clients. Thinking outside the box has helped us develop some wonderful programs to offer our patients. I challenge each employee at Eunoia to not just provide what is considered standard care or even excellent care but to actually care about the person in front of us. That is where our services start. Our goal is to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Ramie Vetter, Psy.D., LP, is located in our Fairmont and Mankato offices and provides care for ages 7 and up.